Cable Car to The Top of Table Mountain

The world famous sign of Cape Town is the Table Mountain whose summit is 1067m above sea level. It is a national monument of South Africa. It is a nature reserve. During good weather conditions visitors can use the cableway to move from the Table Mountain Road round about 700 meters nearly vertical upwards to the summit.

After being upgraded, the Table Mountain Cableway is once again open (the upgrade was completed by the deadline set – quite an achievement for South Africa – it seems that they really had no strikes!). The new cable cars have rotating floors that allows 360-degree vision. Each car costs 1 million Swiss Francs and can carry 65 passengers. This type of cable car has been chosen because they are aerodynamic in strong winds. Cape Town is well known for its strong winds, especially “The Cape Doctor”, which blows from the False Bay, an extremely strong south-easterly wind. Let us hope, that this construction will not so often be closed due to bad weather conditions. The cape doctor is the cause for the tablecloth.

Nevertheless you have the choice to take a 2-3 hour walk to the top. You should have a map of the mountain trails. On the summit are a restaurant and a curio shop.

The mountain is the home for many different wild plants especially the Silverleaftree. The table mountain is illuminated during the summer month by huge floodlights after dawn. One of the top points to see the sunset is the Table Mountain road (cule de sack!).


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