Gurok Beraye Water Fall in Belitung Island, Indonesia

One place of interest in Belitung Island is Gurok Beraye waterfalls. It is located at Gunung Tajam. Gunung Tajam is the highest hill in Belitung Island with its height around 500 meters above mean sea leval. From the height of the hill, we can view anjoy the beauty of Belitung Island panoramas. About 300 meter from the hill top there is a small water falls that the Belitung people call it ” Air Terjun Gurok Beraye” ( Gurok Beraye Waterfalls ).

The water is very clean, fall from the top to a natural pond at the bottom of the waterfalls. The atmosphere of the waterfall is really quiet. It is a nature where you find no pollution or disturbance of city life uproaring.

The road to the waterfalls has been asphalted but the visitor must be careful since the road is mountaineous and on the right side of the road along the way to the place there is deep and steep valleys.


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