Prayer at Petak Sembilan During Chinese New Year January 27, 2009

Jakarta has more than a hundred chinese temple ( Kelenteng ). One of them is an old temple Jin De Yuan in the Pecinan Lama Glodok area in West Jakarta. This temple was built in the year 1650 by a chinese Luitenant officer Kwee Hoen and it was named as Koan In Teng that means Koan Im Pavillion. In the year 1755 this tempel was re-built by Kapitein Oei Tjhie and it was named Kim tek Le temple. Kim Tek Le temple was erected in a 3000 meter square land, that include the large fire place or Tay Bio. This temple now still strongly exists and people called as Temple of Dharma Bhakti but its is more popular with the name Petak Sembilan.

People is praying inside the temple during the Chinese New Year.

People is praying in the middle of smoke.


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