Manggar Beach in Belitung East

Manggar beach is located in the eastern edge of Belitung ( Belitong ) island in Bangka-Belitung province of Indonesia. The pictures below were taken during early morning.

A fishermen boat was coming ashore in the morning.



  1. My Mother was born and raised in Manggar, Biliton together with her two younger sisters.They had a wonderful childhood.My grandfather was a tin mining engineer. None of them ever returned to their beloved island. But one day I hope to see it fro myself.


  2. Hi Ael, thank for visiting this blog. I understand and I believe that your mother childhoood must have been a wonderful life in Biliton. That is what I can imagine from what I heard from the local people when I was there.By the way, just curiosity, how can you find this blog? thanks and regard


  3. Terima kasih banyak untuk Bung " The Belitung Blogging". Ya Belitung sangat indah. Saya sedih jika alam Belitung rusak karena penambangan liar. Dalam blog ini saya ingin ungkapkan kekaguman saya pada keindahan alam dan manusia. Salam kenal. Saya sudah follow blog anda. Tolong anda juga bisa follow blog saya ini. Saya senang dengan komentar anda dan saran-saran anda.Salam


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