Castle of the Good Hope, South Africa

During our visit to Cape Town, South Africa for attending the International Conference of American Association of Petroleum Geologist ( AAPG ), we made visit to Castle of the Good Hope.

Inside the castle view with Table Mountain in the background.

Castle of the Good Hope is a castle in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Castle of Good Hope is the oldest surviving building in South Africa. Built between 1666 and 1679, this pentagonal fortification replaced a small clay and timber fort built by Commander Jan van Riebeeck in 1652 upon establishing a maritime replanishment station art the Cape of Good Hope for the Dutch East India Company, better known as the VOC (Verenigde Oos-Indische Compagnie).

On 26 April 1679 the five bastions were named after the main titles of Willem, the Prince of Orange. The Western bastions was named Leerdam ; followed in clockwise order by Buuren, Catzenellenbogen, Nassau and Orange.

In 1936 the Castle was declared a National Monument. As a result of an extensive, ongoing restoration and conservation programme launched in the 1980’s , the Castle of Good Hope remains the best preserved of its kind built by the VOC in regions where it had interests.

The Cape of Good Hope houses the regional headquarters of the South African Army in the Western Cape, the famous William Fehr Collection of historic artworks, the Castle Military Museum and ceremonial facilities for traditional Cape Regiments.


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