Visit to Chin Swee Temple at Genting Highland, Kuala Lumpur

Chin Swee Temple is a Taoist temple located in Genting Highland. It is downward from the Genting Highland theme park and casino center. Chin Swee temple construction was funded by Genting Berhad, one of largest world class casino. The Genting Berhad was founded by Mr Lim Goh Tong. He was the third richest businessman in Malaysia. During the Genting Berhad founder, Lim Goh Tong’s 90th birthday, they donated RM 10 million or USD 2.5 million to the temple.

During attending an exploration seminar in Kuala Lumpur, I took a chance to visit this Chin Swee Temple. This was a large temple complex that was constructed on a hill cliff.

A down hill view to Chin Swee Temple.The temple has a nine storey pagoda on the right.

This is a map showing the things inside the Chin Swee Temple.

This is the nine storey pagoda in the Vhin Swee Temple. I and my driver climbed up to the top floor of the pagoda. It was nic view from the top to the down hill dan to the Chin Swee Temple complex.

This is a bird view from the top of the nine storey pagoda.

A lady took a pose on the statues of eight fairies.


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