Basilica St Giovanni di Lateran, Vatican.

The year of 2016 was designated as the Jubilee of Mercy by the Pope Francis. Millions of Catholics pilgrimage to Vatican to visit the Basilica and entering the Holy Door ( Porta Santa ) of the Basilica. During the November 2016  I spent my vacation to travel to Western Europe. The Basilica of St Giovanni di Lateran was the second place I visited on the second day of my visit to Vatican Rome.

The picture above I took using my Sony Alpha 6000 with F4 of 10-18 mm lens.

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Starting the rice field

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Terracing Rice Field in Candi Umbul

A scenic view of terracing rice field in Grabag Magelang nearby Umbul temple in Central Java. The wide lens sufficiently captured the beauty of rural situation in this village.

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Village Women Worked in the field

The time to start planting rice in Kartohardjo village Magelang Central Java.

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Lonely boat in Rawa Pening Lake, 

Lonely boat at Rawa Pening Lake , Jawa Tengah

The sky was cloudy over Rawa Pening Lake. Time had already over the mid day. Not many tourist visiting the Rawa Pening. No body rented the boat for sight seeing around the lake. The boat just stayed there.

The pink color of the boat was standout to be an accent of the quiet Rawa Pening

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Mount Merbabu from Ketep Pass Jawa Tengah

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A view  of Merbabu mountain from Ketep Pass, a museum and volcano center in Central Java ( Jawa Tengah ). Ketep pass is the best location to view the Merbabu mountain.

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Preparing the land for planting the rice seeds.

During our trip of village to village in Central Java, On the way from Ungaran to Ketep Pass, we passed the village of Kartohardjo in the foothill of Telomoyo mountain. We saw various activities of the rice farmer. 

I met with Pak Sadi, a farmer who has a land of rice field. He employed several farm worker to cultivate his land. It was the time of preparing the land for planting the rice seeds. They used buffallo to soften the wet soil. 
Farm worker riding the plough that was pulled by two buffalo going around back and forth on the wet land.

Key words: Petani, Membajak sawah, Ambarawa, Magelang, Jawa Tengah.

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Gotong Royong: Work Together and Eat Together

Gotong royong is an original Indonesian philosophy. It still alive in many Indonesian villagers, especially in agriculture area. The farmer and the villagers working together helping each other to cultivate the land for growing and harvesting rice.

They work together and eat together. During my village to village trip around Magelang Central Java, I encountered the villagers took a break during their work and ate together. Nothing more  happines  other than togtherness. Work and eat together in the rice field.

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Parking boats at Rawa Pening Lake, Ambarawa

The day was cloudy when we arrived at Rawa Pening lake Bukit Cinta gate. It was only 3 pm in the afternoon. Rawa Pening appeared to be quiet. That was nice for me for taking some photos.

It was Monday and cloudy day, not many visitor in Rawa Pening. The boats, that usually very busy serving the visitor, now just parked in the bridge.

The colorful parking boats, in a dark cloudy sky, become an interesting accentuation of the lake landscape view.

Rawa Pening is a legendary lake in Ambarawa, Semarang, Central Java ( Jawa Tengah ).

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The farmer started planting rice 

Today, 24 October 2016, I drove from Ungaran to Ketep Pass. On the way to Ketep we went to  Candi Umbul. The surounding of Candi Umbul is the paddy or rice field. The farmer started planting the rice in this village.

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