The Harvest Cafe at City Plaza Jakarta.

Ornament on a table

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Ornament on a table

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2017 Cap Go Meh stimulated the Bogor Economy.

The Umbrella Dancer in 2017 Bogor Cap Go Meh.

The Bogor 2017 Cap Go Meh last week was really a place of people creativity and expression. People was encourage to creative and not sinking to a routine daily life.

It was good that the citizen of Bogor found its place in this street festival of Chinese New Year Cap Go Meh. The money circulation due to this event was huge. It was almost 100 billion rupiah. It moved the low level economy such the street vendor serving the million of spectator a long the day that came from other surrounding city of Bogor such as Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Sukabumi and Cianjur. The upper middle class occupied many new hotel. It was a great for tourism marketing for Bogor.

Parade of Umbrella Dance in 2017 Bogor Cap Go Meh

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Bogor : The Festive time of People Creativity. 

The Cap Go Meh in Bogor has become a tradition of  folk festival. It has been a celebration of diversity in unity of Indonesia. It is not only about Chinese New Year but all the richness of multicultute is celebrated.

The fifteenth day after or Cap Go Meh the Chinese New Year this yeae was at Saturday of 11 February 2017. Bogor was rich with cultural community that made Bogor a multicultural society. As it was said by the Mayor of Bogor, Bima Arya : ” If you wanna see the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religion of Indonesia, this is the place, in Bogor.

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Ondel-ondel in Bogor 2017 Cap Go Meh Street Festival.

Ondel-ondel is a form of folk performance using large puppets. It originated from Betawi, Indonesia and is often performed in festivals. The word ondel-ondel refers to both the performance and the puppet.

Ondel-ondel showed up in Bogor 2017 Cap Go Meh street festival in last Saturday 11February 2017. Ondel-ondel as a Betawi ( Jakarta ) original art showed up in Bogor 2017 Cap Go Meh street festival in last saturday 11 February 2017.

Ondel-ondel, the puppet, is about 2.5 meters tall with ± 80 cm diameter, made of woven bamboo. It is constructed in such a way so that it easily lifted by one person from the inside of the puppet. The puppet is usually dressed in brightly colored garments, and in some occasions, in traditional Betawi clothing. The puppet’s mask face is typically made of wood, and the hair from dried palm tree leaves that have been shredded lengthways. An ondel-ondel can either be of the female or male gender. The wooden mask of the male puppet is traditionally painted red, while the female’s is painted white.

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Ogoh-ogoh also came up in Bogor 2017 Cap Go Meh

Ogoh-ogoh is a gigantic puppet from  Bali Hinduism. It is typical Indonesian Balinese Hinduism.

Ogoh-Ogoh are works of sculpture in the culture of Bali which describe the personality Bhuta Kala. In the teachings of Hindu Dharma, Bhuta Kala represents strength (Bhu) universe and time (Kala) that are measurable and irrefutable.

Ogoh-ogoh came up in the Bogor 2017 Cap Go Meh street festival in 11 February 2017, to show the richness of Indonesian multuculture.

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Topeng dancer in Bogor 2017 Capgomeh.

The dancer before performing 


Tari Topeng or Mask Dancer. Indonesian traditional dance with mask.


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Tari Topeng in Bogor 2017 Cap Go Meh Street Festival.

Tari Topeng means dance with mask on the face. The mask can mean many things in folk philosophy. Many places in Indonesia has different Tari Topeng.

A Tari Topeng was performed in the 2017 Cap Go Meh street festival in Bogor. It showed a multicultural of Indonesia. 

The show was held in jalan Suryakencana Bogor in front of Vihara Dhanagun.

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2017 Chinese New Year at Vihara Dhanagun Bogor.

This is the Year of Fire Rooster. Tahun Ayam Api. The Chinese New Year was at 28 January 2017. I visited Vihara Dhanagun at the Cap Go Meh day at 11 February 2017. I found still many people attended the Vihara Dhanagun in Bogor for prayer and the ritual.

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Live onboard in Komodo Island National Park: Sunset

National Park Komodo Island. 

In July 2014 we spent vacation in Labuan Bajo Flores. We chose to try living onboard in Komodo Island water. We stay overnight in the boat. The boat crew took care our meal.

The National Park is a  part of Labuan Bajo bay in Flores, Indonesia.

The picture above was another boat like ours in Komodo island water that also anchored for overnight. I took this incredible scene of sunset.

Live onboard and sailing from island to island in Komodo National Park is worth to enjoy with your family or your lovely gang.

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