Live onboard in Komodo Island National Park: Sunset

National Park Komodo Island. 

In July 2014 we spent vacation in Labuan Bajo Flores. We chose to try living onboard in Komodo Island water. We stay overnight in the boat. The boat crew took care our meal.

The National Park is a  part of Labuan Bajo bay in Flores, Indonesia.

The picture above was another boat like ours in Komodo island water that also anchored for overnight. I took this incredible scene of sunset.

Live onboard and sailing from island to island in Komodo National Park is worth to enjoy with your family or your lovely gang.

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Sunrise in Tanjung Bira

Tanjung Bira is the most southern tip beach in South Sulawesi Indonesia. This from our memories collection when we visited this place in July 2015.

We were driven to go along the west coast and eastern coast of South Sulawesi Province.

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Our visit to Monaco in November 2016

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Montserrat Barcelona

My visit to Monserrat Barcelona in November 2016. 

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Pantai Karang Hawu di Sore Yang Hangat

The Karang Hawu beach in a warm afternoon, Pelabuhan Ratu Jawa Barat Indonesia.

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My Photography : The Palace of Queen Boko Yogyakarta 

Keraton Ratu Boko in Yogyakarta. Keraton means palace.

Ratu Boko or Boko temple (Javanese: Candhi Ratu Baka) is an archaeological site which is a complex number of the rest of the building which is located approximately 3 km south of the Prambanan complex, 18 km east of Yogyakarta or 50 km southwest of the City Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. Ratu Boko is situated on a hill at an altitude of 196 meters above sea level. The area of the  whole complex is about 25 ha. [1]

This site displays the attributes as a place of activities  or settlement sites, but their exact function is not clear. [2] Ratu Boko estimated to be the one in the 8th century during the Sailendra (Panangkaran) of the Kingdom Medang (Mataram Hindu). Considering from the pattern of the layout of  the remains of the building, allegedly this site is the former palace (royal palace). This opinion is based on the fact that the complex is not a temple or building with a religious nature, but rather a fortified castle with evidence of the rest of the fort wall and dry moat as a defense structure. [3] Remnants settlements were also found in the vicinity of this site.
The name “Queen Baka” is derived from local legend. Ratu Baka (Javanese, literal meaning: “the king of  stork”) is the father of Loro Jonggrang, which also became the name of the main temple at Prambanan temple complex. This building complex is associated with the legend Loro Jonggrang of the  local people. [1]
Administratively, the site is located in the region of two of village , namely village  Dawung, Bokoharjo Village and Hamlet Sumberwatu, Sambireja village, Prambanan subdistrict, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
The site is to be nominated to the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995.
source : Wikipedia.

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Ombak dan Batu di Pantai Karang Pamulang 

Karang Pamulang beach Pelabuhan Ratu Jawa Barat Indonesia

Karang Pamulang beach is an iconic beach  in Pelabuhan Ratu West Java Indonesia. Pamulang means the place of sending back. Why is is called “sending back beach”. This is the place where the drowned and drifted people in the beach  in Pelabuhan Ratu always found or sent back to this place. So the local people call this beach as Karang Pamulang that means the rocky beach where the drowned victim is sent back from the sea.  It is interesting isn’t it?
The rock ( Karang )  on the right is the place ussualy the dead body of drowned victim is found. It was sent back from the sea to this place. That is the name of Karang Pamulang come from.

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The Keraton of Ratu Boko

The palace of Queen Boko remnant in Yogyakarta Indonesia. It is  still inherit many mistery about its history. The place is favorite for enjoying sunset in Yogyakarta. 

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Sunset at Karang Suraga beach.

Karang Suraga is one of the beach in Anyer Banten Indonesia. It is about 2 hourse drive from Jakarta to the West. 

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Pantai Wedi Ombo Gunung Kidul

Here is a direction toward the coastal path to Wedi Ombo berach  in Gunung Kidul from various departure places. Hopefully it will help:

The key is finding the fork Jepitu Market.
1. Main Line: Yogyakarta – Wonosari to the south (towards Baron) is approximately 9 km there is the fork in the village of Mulo (50m after the pool), then straight toward Baron. Take the Left Department Mentel – Bintaos – Tepus- Pertigaan Jepitu Market-right straight toward the beach Wediombo.

Alternatively: Wonosari-Mulo, from the junction of this Mulo straight towards Baron, Baron beach there 1 km before the fork
take to the left – direction Kukup Beach – The beaches along – Drini- Island Krakal – Sundak – Indrayanti Beach – continues to the village of Tepus – Market Pertigaan Jepitu-right straight toward the beach Wediombo.
(Longer distances and travel time longer, but the benefits is that  you can explore other beaches in Gunung Kidul  coastal path ).

2. Central Line: Semanu-Giripanggung-Cuelo (the fork to the right of a football field turn right) – Market Pertigaan Jepitu-right straight toward the beach Wediombo.

3. East Line: from Praci – toward the District Rongkop / Baran – south direction Nglindur – Pertigaan before Ngrancah Market (in the middle there Tugunya) turn right – Market Pertigaan Jepitu – download straight to the left toward the beach Wediombo.

Alternatively: from East / North toward Song Banyu / coast Sadeng – the fork to the right towards Market Ngrancah (if left to Sadeng) – Pertigaan ( triple junction )  existing monument in the middle – Turn Left directions to  Jepitu market –  Jepitu market tripple junction  – take into straight left towards the beach Wedi Ombo.

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